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2024 OSA Performing Arts Summer Camp Information

Gaétan-Gervais Secondary School
1075 McCraney St E,
Oakville, ON L6H 1H9

Week 1: July 8-12
Week 2: July 15-19

Important Information about OSA Performing Arts Summer Camp:

  • Front Door Entrance: The front door is the only entrance and exit point for everyone, including teachers, campers, visitors, etc. For everyone's security, it will remain locked during the day.
  • Sign-In/Sign-Out: There will be a sign-in/out table at the front entrance. To conform to fire regulations, it is important that all campers, teachers, admins/staff, and visitors sign in and out on a daily basis. Please be diligent about this. 
  • Nut-Free Food Policy: Please don't send foods containing nuts. We have several children with allergies. 
  • Allergies: An allergy notice will be shown on the child's schedule if the information was provided upon registration. Please email if any allergy information needs to be added or updated. Epi-pens must be with the camper at all times. 
  • Food and drink consumption: The school administration requires that no food or drink (other than water) be consumed anywhere in the school, except in the cafeteria or outside. It is very important that we comply with this rule. Please advise your children of this.
  • Lanyard Schedules: On Monday sign-in each camper will receive a printed schedule on a lanyard. These lanyard schedules must be worn on the neck at all times. They:
    • Identify campers to student leaders, teachers and camp  administrators. 
    • Make the camper’s schedule easily accessible and help others be aware of allergies, and any other medical conditions. 
    • We will be collecting these lanyards at the end of each week. If you wish to purchase one, they will be available for sale for $5 each. 
  • Lesson Materials: Please send your camper's music book if they are learning a piece and wish to continue learning it at camp.  Also, send a notebook and pencil in your camper's bag for note taking during lessons. Teachers often give instructions, tips, homework, etc. that would help your camper with at-home practice.
  • Sheet music: Campers in chamber groups and orchestras will receive a separate email with more information and a link to download their sheet music. They are responsible to print their music at home and bring it to camp (we don’t have the capacity to print camper’s music at camp). 
  • Indoor Camp: Our camp is primarily an indoor camp with all activities held inside the camp location. On rare occasions and weather permitted, a small group of supervised campers might go outdoors for the maximum of 15 minutes per day. Please send a hat and sunscreen if you wish, and ensure your camper knows how to apply sunscreen and use a hat. Camp staff can help but are not responsible for the use of hat or sunscreen by your camper.
  • Volunteer Opportunities: At the beginning of the week, there will be sign-up sheets for the Teachers’ Appreciation Lunch (where you can bring in lunch items for them on Wednesday morning), and to help with baked goods sales, sub sandwich and pizza lunches, respectively.


  • Music Instruments: Please note the following instructions regarding music instruments for your campers.
    • Cello, Flute, Guitar, Violin, and Viola:  Campers must bring their own instruments to camp.  We do NOT provide them. We recommend renting to those campers who don’t already have one, or those who are trying out a new instrument for the first time.
    • Piano, Ukulele, and Try -An-Instrument classes: We will provide these instruments for use during camp.
    • Recorder: We use soprano recorders in our recorder classes. If you see a Recorder class on your camper's schedule, please send their own with them to camp. There will also be some sanitized USED recorders that we can loan to campers needing one. If you wish to purchase one from The Sound Post and have it delivered to the camp location, this is the recorder and check online purchasing instructions and deadlines here.
  • Instrument Rentals:
    • Cello, Violin, Viola: We recommend The Sound Post for rental of stringed instruments.  See below for detailed instructions for online purchases and instrument rentals to be delivered to camp.  Note:  Children need an appropriately sized instrument.  If you cannot visit The Sound Post Toronto location in person, please contact Jean Grieve at or to arrange an appointment for sizing.
    • Flute and Guitar:  Flute rental can be arranged at Long & McQuade. If you have any new-flute related questions, please contact
  • The Sound Post: We will not have The Sound Post pop-up store at camp this year.  Advance purchases and instrument rentals must be made by 5pm on Saturday, July 6th (for week 1) or Saturday, July 13th (for week 2) for delivery to camp.  Please check here for detailed instructions for online purchases and instrument rentals to be delivered to the camp location.
  • Music Stands: All students in chamber groups, orchestras, and other ensembles MUST bring their own music stand. Clearly mark your stand with your name to avoid mix-up and loss.
  • Cello Stools: All young cellists must bring their own stools, since the chairs at camp are not small enough and we only have a couple to share on an emergency basis. Older cellists who have  outgrown their adjustable wooden stool and can lend or donate to the OSA, please bring them on  Monday morning. At the end of camp weeks, if you do not wish to bring your wooden stool home, you can donate or re-sell to a younger student who might need one to start their regular cello lessons in the Fall.
  • Cello straps (endpin stoppers): All cellists must bring their own cello straps, including beginner cello students.
  • Instrument Case ID: : As many instrument cases look alike, it’s important to clearly mark your own instrument case (and backpacks and lunch bags, etc.) with your name. If you don’t have an ID tag, we have OSA instrument tags for sale for $4 each or 3 for $10 at the Front Desk.

Drop-off and Pick-up Time, Before Camp Care and After Camp Care: 

  • Before and After Camp Care: Unsure if your camper requires these paid services?  We have found that most campers enrolled in the Senior program don't require them. They are mature enough to enjoy quiet time in the cafeteria (near the front of the school) while waiting for their first class to start and/or to be picked up at the end of the day.  Younger campers, however, may need more supervision.  If you missed enrolling your little camper in these childcare services during the registration process, please email 
  • Drop-off:  Please note that drop-off cannot be done earlier than 8 am, including campers in the Before Camp Care.
  • Pick-Up Time:
    • Campers enrolled in the supervised Junior program (half day/morning only) must be picked up by 12:30pm.
    • Campers registered in the paid After Camp Care option can be picked up as late as 5:00pm. 
    • All other campers must be picked up by 4:00pm. Any camper not picked up by 4:00pm might need to wait outdoors with staff, since we might have to vacate the school for the custodians to clean.
  • Younger Siblings: While we welcome family members to visit the camp, please try not to bring younger siblings into an older child’s classroom (with the exception of sleeping newborns). 
    • We strongly recommend each child’s private lesson be attended by an adult to receive instructions from the teacher and to help with practice at home. 
    • Please ensure that younger siblings who are not campers are always accompanied by a responsible person. They must not be left alone in the hallways!
    • If you need extra help, please speak with other parents in the school or the Front Desk.


  • Our camp is a unique one where every camper has an individualized schedule and we are working hard to accommodate everyone. We appreciate your patience and cooperation. Please do not email asking where your child(ren)’s schedule(s) is/are. Thank you. 
    • Week 1 Schedules: Individualized schedules and a school map will be sent out via email on Sunday, July 7th. 
    • Week 2 Schedules: These schedules and a school map will be sent out on Sunday, July 14th.


  • Friday Performances: There will be a week-ending concert both Friday afternoons starting at around 12:30pm. Most of our campers will have the opportunity to perform at least once. Some classes will have week-ending performances during their final class on Thursday afternoon or Friday morning. Teachers will let the campers know the details. 
  • Thursday Evening Performances: Advanced students in the Senior Orchestra and Vocal and Chamber Ensembles will have the majority of their performances on Thursday night at 7:00pm at the Church of Incarnation (1240 Old Abbey Lane, Oakville).  Performing programs will be emailed on Wednesday evenings.
  • Friday Performance programs: Programs for the Friday  afternoon concerts will be emailed on Thursday evenings.  It will also be available on the Whiteboard and front desk.
  • All friends and family are welcome and invited to come to both Thursday and Friday concerts! You’ll be amazed by what these young musicians can put together in a matter of days!
  • We plan to live-stream these performances so families and friends who cannot be at the camp location can enjoy them as well. Let’s hope technology is on our side. 

Cellphone and Photo/Video Policy: 

  • Please be respectful and discreet when using cellphones during class times. Calls should be taken in the hallways, and phones put on mute while in class.
  • OSA is committed to respecting the privacy of our campers, families, and teachers. Videos and photographs taken during the camp weeks may be used for promotional purposes. An opportunity to waive permission was given during membership or camp registration. IF you do not  wish to have your pictures in any OSA promotional materials, and did not already specify during  registration, please email 
  • Follow us on Facebook at and Instagram and use the #osamusiccamp2024 and tag us @oakville_suzuki_music if you have pictures and videos to post.

Food and water: 

  • Please send a reusable water bottle with your camper. There are water fountain to refill at the camp location.
  • Daily lunches are not provided. Please pack and ensure your lunches and snacks are nut-free. We have several children with allergies. 
  • For those wanting a bit of a break from making daily lunches, you can supplement your own lunch with sub sandwiches on Thursday and/or pizza on Friday. Online order here or in-person at the camp.

Did we forget to mention anything you need to know? Email with your questions!
We look forward to seeing 1st week campers on July 8th and 2nd week campers on July 15th