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Thinking of choosing the CELLO for your girl or boy?Cello trio

The cello is the most mellow, yet passionate voice in the string family, with a usable range of nearly four octaves! It is said to be the closest in sound to the human voice. Cello is extremely versatile: it is generally assigned the bass (bottom) line in the orchestra but it is a rare classical piece in which there is not at least one haunting cello solo.

Cellists are spared a number of physical issues with respect to holding the instrument. The child sits straight on to the instrument, with a bow hold in which the hand falls in a natural shape from the wrist. The fact that cellists sit to play means they may get less tired and can feel more at one with their instrument since the body essentially wraps around it. The cellist's posture is the most natural of the string family.

The mellow, lower, voice range means that even a beginner makes sounds pleasing to the ear. As well, some children and parents appreciate the lower pitch and find it easier to tolerate close up.

“Celli” (cellos), come in all the small sizes in which violins come, with the smallest, a 1/10 size, appropriate for a two- or three-year-old. You can rent or purchase a cello through The Sound Post, or rent one from your one of our OSA teachers. Thus, acquiring a cello is sometimes as simple as being handed one at your first lesson!

Cellists need a stool to sit on while playing. The Sound Post sells an excellent version that adjusts as the child grows. Small, inexpensive children’s stools are just fine as well, as long as they are the right sort. Your teacher will help with this. You will also need a cello strap that loops around the leg of your chair or stool, to secure the cello end-pin to the floor. These are inexpensive and last many years.

Cello Group Classes are held on Thursdays (after school/early evening) and are generally small, between 5 and 7 members. Thus, a lot of individual attention is possible. For more information on Cello Group Classes, please contact the Administrator to obtain contact information for our group cello teachers. Cello private lessons take place at the home studios of our cello teachers or at QEPCCC.

Cellists are generally thought to be a bit unusual (in a good way!). They frequently develop a lot of camaraderie and are soon proud of their identity as CELLISTS. This is partly because of our smaller numbers but also because there is no more wonderful instrument in the world!!

We hope you will consider cello for your child. It is a particularly good plan if you have several children, or two that are close in age, to have each child play his or her own, unique, instrument.

Please contact one of our cello teachers for more information.

Contact our Administrator for information on our Cello teachers.

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