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Fall 2022 COVID-19 Policy

Fall 2022 OSA Covid Policy
Updated Sept 5, 2022

To ensure the safety of our students, teachers, staff, and volunteers, the OSA COVID-19 task Force has adapted our COVID-19 policy for the Fall 2022 start to the OSA year.

As a condition of attendance to in-person private lessons, group classes and events and related performances, it is implied that all students (and relevant members) agree to comply with our OSA COVID-19 policy. We anticipate that this policy may be subject to change as the OSA COVID-19 Committee sees fit, in conjunction with public health data and policy. It is important that families carefully review all communications from the OSA in this regard, to ensure their understanding and compliance with any new measures and/or directions put in place. 

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time at

The OSA COVID-19 committee encourages the continuation of past protective strategies as outlined below.  Though a single specific measure to prevent transmission does not exist, multiple structural and individual elements contribute to making healthier spaces for our classes and performances and reduce the risk of infection to OSA members and their families. 

COVID-19 Vaccination Policy
Widespread vaccination is critical to stopping the spread of COVID-19, building immunity in Ontario, and protecting our communities. OSA encourages all instructors, staff, volunteers, and members to be vaccinated as the first defense against contracting or spreading COVID-19.   

All students, teachers, staff, volunteers, and visitors are encouraged to complete the self-assessment questionnaire screening tool prior to attending OSA private lessons, group classes and events; Government of Ontario School and Child Care Screening.  If you do not complete the online screening form, and feel ill in any way, DO NOT attend your private lesson or group class or event, to stop the spread of any illness.

Masks are one of the most effective individual public health measures that we can use to protect ourselves and others from COVID-19. When layered with other public health measures, a well-constructed, well-fitting, and properly worn mask can help:

  • Prevent you from getting COVID-19-> they reduce the amount of infectious respiratory particles you inhale
  • Prevent spreading COVID-19 to others-> they contain the infectious respiratory particles you produce if you're infected, even if you don't have symptoms

Masks are encouraged at all times by everyone while attending private lessons or during Group classes or recitals.  Flute students will receive specific instructions from our flute teacher regarding masks while having lessons and during performances.  Some of our teachers will require students, parents, volunteers, and staff to wear as mask in their teaching rooms.  Masks must be worn in rooms with Mandatory masking signs in place.  No exceptions.

The government of Canada has published guidance on appropriate types of masks and usage. This information is posted online at this link:

Hand Hygiene
Appropriate hand hygiene is one of the most important protective strategies. All students, teachers, volunteers, staff, and visitors will be expected to practice regular hand sanitization during OSA classes and events.  

Social Distancing
As much distancing as possible will be maintained between students and teachers and any volunteers. 

Parent Responsibilities:
As a condition of enrollment, parents are required to acknowledge their understanding of and compliance with our OSA COVID-19 policies. It will be important that families carefully review any and all communication from the OSA to ensure their understanding and compliance with any new measures and/or direction put in place. The following is a list of required health strategies: 

  • Health screening checklist will be encouraged prior to an OSA lesson or class
  • Students will stay at home if feeling unwell. 
  • You have a plan to pick up your child immediately if they become ill while at an OSA class/event.
  • Complying with orders issued by Halton Public Health.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.