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The Flute is a wonderful choice of instrument to start your youngster on. People are surprised to hear that you can start a child as young as 4 years old on the flute.

Flutes don’t exactly come in different sizes but there are now curved headjoints available for the younger child and there is also a flute made by “Jupiter” called the “Prodigy” Flute that is geared for the youngest of beginners. Prodigy flutes have special finger rests that are closer together and it has one less keyhole at the bottom of the flute to make it lighter and easier to manage for little hands. The curved headjoint is made by many of the better flute companies and will last the child until they are ready to go with the straight headjoint, often around 8 years old, depending on the size of the child.

The flute is a convenient instrument as it is easily transported everywhere! The flute has long since been a popular instrument and indeed, at one time it was considered a very masculine instrument and not meant for ladies! That has since changed and is enjoyed equally by boys and girls.

Flute performerLeila performs at a concert

If you are considering the flute for your child we run a well rounded flute program with students of all ages and stages. Before renting or purchasing a flute, please contact the OSA flute instructor for guidance. There are many cheaper but very poorly made flutes on the market that will not last and will only frustrate the child. Just as with anything, you get what you pay for!
Please feel free to check out the Oakville Suzuki Flute Orchestra (OSFO) website if you are interested in some of the things we do. There are updates and information for my whole studio, not just the OSFO.

Contact the Registrar for information on our Flute teachers.

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