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guitarLike any instrument, we want to enjoy the process of making music.  However, there is definitely labour behind the art.

While I attempt to make my lessons, and the learning process, as fun as possible, music making unquestionably becomes much more agreeable and entertaining when everyone knows what duties are laid out before them.  I’d be happy to answer any questions you have, especially in terms of the guitar, but the following lists will give you and your child a framework in which to begin the music making process.  Just remember, everyone involved should have fun, but it’s positively weighted in the student’s favour!

Choice of a Guitar
There are several good student model guitars available.  Please consult with your teacher before making any decisions.  Younger and/or smaller students should have a small scale guitar and a stool or footrest may be required.  Guitars should be a classical  6 nylon stringed guitar.

Care of a Guitar

  • Store in hard shell case with latch
  • Keep a guitar humidifier in the guitar during the winter months
  • Do not store near windows, vents, fireplaces, or in a car to too long a period
  • If it will not be played for more than 4-6 weeks, detune the strings until slack
  • Buy a good stand if it will be kept out of its case
  • Do not put on the floor, or lean against a wall
  • Clean with only a small bit of rubbing alcohol for the fingerboard and Hawes Lemon Oil for the body; never use water!
  • Wiping the strings with a lint free cloth will prolong the life and tone of the strings
  • Tune the guitar regularly (4-7 times per week)

Contact our Administrator for information on our Guitar teacher.

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