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May 6 and 7th: Senior Recital & Book Graduations--CLOSED

Online registration is now CLOSED for our next Senior Recitals, which will be on Saturday, May 6th at 2:00pm and Sunday, May 7th at 6:00pm at the Church of the Incarnation. Please note that there is no longer any fee for book graduations, but you still need to register in advance. Space is limited so please register soon.




Note for first time senior recital registrants:

For senior recitals the rehearsal with the accompanist is entirely private between the accompanist and the student (like a private lesson)--i.e. it is not a general rehearsal for all participants.This is a different arrangement than happens with the junior book graduations where everyone gets together at Jean Grieve's house for a general rehearsal. The pieces of the senior students are longer and more complex than those of the junior students, and the students will generally need a bit more time with an accompanist to put them together. The OSA pays the listed accompanist's fee for the actual recital, however, which is why you are encouraged to contact them.

Past experience has demonstrated the importance of rehearsing with an accompanist at least once before a concert. Participants are responsible for scheduling and compensating the accompanist for rehearsal. The Association will only cover the cost of the accompanist for the recital.

Contact the accompanists early to make arrangements--they book up fast!