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New Enrichment Classes!

New Enrichment Classes!
The OSA is excited to offer something new this year, two new enrichment classes!
The Improv Class (C.A.D) taught by Stephanie Scholman
Music History Talks by Michelle Coon
Both new classes are open to all instruments.
Stephanie, in her Improv Class (C.A.D Creative Ability Development) will introduce the student to the world of musical improvisation with fun and educational sessions run on Saturday afternoons! Many, if not all, of the great composers we play were able to take a melody and improvise right on the spot, on their instrument! In fact it was considered an important part of being a good musician back in the day. This class is geared for all ages with minimum late book 1 level,  no experience is necessary!
Speaking of back in the day, learning about the music, composers and  different eras in music history will give students a much better perspective and insight into their music and how to interpret and play it with more understanding. That’s where the Music History Talks come into play. Michelle will cover the Baroque period (Bach, Handel and Vivaldi), the virtuosic musician of the 1800’s, the birth of the Symphony and more including a talk on the origins of many of our beloved Christmas carols. These 5 talks  throughout the year will be presented on Zoom so you need not leave the comfort of your living room! . They are geared towards 8 to 13 year olds and if there is interest a more in depth talk can be given on each subject for the 14 to adult age group (watch the M and M notes for more info on this)
Must be a current member of the Oakville Suzuki Association to register