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Online Group Class Expectations

The suddenness of the pandemic has forced us to do practically everything online. By now, most students are used to receiving instruction online. Online group classes, on the other hand, are very different than everything they have experienced so far. For one thing, it is not possible to play all together on Zoom. In that case, how can you teach group classes on line? With planning, ingenuity and creativity.

In these times of COVID we are rising to the challenge of teaching group lessons online and have been working hard to learn creative ways to make this happen. We believe in the value of group lessons and have been planning and learning the technology involved to make sure groups are available for our students. With this in mind, we have a few things to share with you and ask you to prepare to make this experience the best it can be.

It is the responsibility of the parents to have everything ready before the class starts.
 The set-up:

  • Ensure that your technical set-up is ready. For further information consult the OSA Parent Group Guidelines
  • Find a quiet room away from curious siblings and inquisitive pets.
  • Adjust the camera angle, the position of the microphone and the speakers. (It is recommended to have the microphone behind the speakers.)
  • Tune the instrument.
  • Adjust the music stand so then teacher can see the student properly
  • Make sure there is a metronome in the room.
  • All music and special assignment for the class must be readily available.
  • A parent should remain in the room to take notes, know about special assignments and be there to help with any technical issues.

Students Group Class Preparedness
During a regular group class, if a student hasn’t learned an assignment, that student can always tag along with stronger players. This is not possible during an online group class. Students will better enjoy the class and get more out of it when they are prepared. Please make sure group class work is part of their daily practising.
Likely activities to be prepared for:

  • A student may be asked to lead a piece or portion of a piece during class.
  • A melody or exercise may be passed between students
  • Students may have to prepare videos for presentation or a special project.
  • Working together in smaller groups in breakout rooms.
  • Sharing specific projects assigned in the previous class

 Parents and students should seek help from their teacher when necessary to be prepared for the next group class.
Zoom Classroom Behaviour
It is expected that parents will take the lead role in ensuring that their child remains in place and behaves appropriately for the duration of the class. Punctuality is expected and essential.

  • For some activities, the microphone may be asked to be muted. However, the video stream should remain open for the duration of the class. Permission to close video can only be granted by the teacher.
  • Breakout rooms are not for goofing around, they are for learning and studying. The teacher can peek in at any time.
  • If a student is continuously misbehaving, the teacher can evict this student from the Zoom call. The parent will then be informed and must find ways of resolving their child’s poor behaviour for future group lessons.
  • Unwillingness to participate or poor preparation on the part of a student affects the entire class. If this behaviour persists, a discussion with the child’s parent will follow in order to resolve the issue.
  • Online Zoom Help guide

 We look forward to seeing everyone and learning together online!