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Our Parents

Who are these elusive Suzuki parents you may have heard so much about? They’re people just like you! Parents who want to expose their children to disciplines of musical study, but also within an environment that nurtures their spirit.
And, they are willing to be involved in their child’s education. Suzuki is much more enjoyable than giving a child a book of sheet music and walking away. It’s about sitting down with your child at practice times to work through pieces, and listening carefully at lessons to understand where extra attention may be required.  This is quality time incorporating musical games to make practice light hearted and fun for both child and parent.

Some of our parents are trained musicians, but most are not. They learn with their child and are there to not only reinforce the teacher's instruction, but also for a pat on the back when their child plays a piece through to completion for the first time. And, most parents tell us that although practices are not always easy, especially on particularly sunny summer days, they are often rewarding. To see your child smile when they have conquered a particularly challenging piece, or to watch them play proudly at one of the many concerts held throughout the year, makes it all worthwhile.
As a non-profit organization, our parents are also involved in administering the association’s events. Helping your child enjoy music in this nurturing environment is a great joy!  We naturally need parents to participate in one or more of our committees or special events.

If one of our families is unable to give of their time, they can opt to make a $100 tax deductible donation in lieu of this service. But, a volunteer organization cannot run without volunteers, so we encourage all to participate – it may be as simple as baking cupcakes for the Christmas concert or manning the registration desk at events, so please heed the call when an organizer contacts you!  For more information on our volunteer opportunities please contact the Administrator.

In order to nurture the child’s musical development, the parent is asked to:
1.      Obtain a properly sized instrument for strings and flutes and proper seating for pianists.
2.      Purchase appropriate music instruction books and recordings
3.      Play the recordings in the home or the car according to the teacher's suggestions
4.      Attend lessons, taking notes, ensuring practice
5.      Attend the appropriate instrument workshops, parent education meetings and discussions
6.      Familiarize themselves with the Suzuki philosophy by reading such books as Dr. Suzuki’s “Ability Development” and “Nurtured by Love”.

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