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Practice Buddies Program

A large component of the Suzuki Method of musical training is students learning and being motivated by others around them.


In this program, our advanced students (Book 4 and above, 13+ years of age) complete a six-hour course, as well as six hours of observation, with a sanctioned Suzuki Association of the Americas Suzuki teacher trainer to prepare them to help younger, less advanced students in their studies.  The Oakville Suzuki musical director verifies that all program requirements have been met before accepting them into the program.


Practice buddies can be hired for an hourly fee to assist your child with their practice sessions, and to be a role model for your budding musician. Practice sessions may be booked as one-time sessions, for a short term, or for regular practice throughout the year.  Fees may vary depending on the level of the Practice Buddy, his/her experience as a Practice Buddy, and location of the practice.


Note to Parents

Just like your child(ren)'s private teacher, Practice Buddies set aside their own time for your child(ren)'s practice.

Therefore, should you hire a Practice Buddy and then one of the following circumstances occurs:


1. Cancellation of practice session occurs less than 24 hours before its scheduled time

2. The Practice Buddy arrives to practice at your home and no one is at home for the practice time

3. The Practice Buddy is waiting for you at his/her own home for the scheduled practice and you do not attend the practice


It is the OSA's policy that the Practice Buddy receive compensation for the missed practice.

Please contact the Administrator for more information or to hire a Practice Buddy!

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