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The Suzuki Team

If you played as a child, when you sat down with your instrument, was it for practice? Or did it seem more like ‘solitary confinement’?

Most schools of music put their faith in practice. And, although it is critical to achieving excellence as a student of music, at Suzuki we believe that practice is nothing without the necessary support.

Learning to play an instrument can be a lonely and discouraging experience. To set our students up for excellence, each one has a support team behind them – nurturing as they learn, working alongside them in refining their skills, and cheering from the sidelines. This team consists of parents , teachers, and our extended Suzuki family:

Suzuki parents
Although many are musically untrained themselves, our parents play a more significant role than simply applauding at concerts and recitals. They are essential participants in their child’s growth and act as ‘home teachers’, listening to music, attending lessons, and encouraging and practicing regularly with their child.

Suzuki teachers 
Each member of our faculty has received specialized training from and are members of the Suzuki Association of Ontario and Suzuki Association of the Americas. Many are professional musicians that have been molding and inspiring children for decades. Some even began in our program as students and have come back as instructors, having been so moved by their own personal experience. That is the best supporting argument for the benefits of our program!

Suzuki family 
We believe a loving and encouraging environment in which to learn is essential to a child’s experience and, ultimately, their success. Students are encouraged to play before audiences big and small, in both concert halls and living rooms. They attend group lessons as well as private instruction, motivating and supporting each other, and can even participate in our Practice Buddies Program, helping to mentor students.

Don’t get us wrong – there’s still plenty of practice required! We find it’s just more fun for both children and their parents when they have someone to share the experience with.

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