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2021-22 Music History

Music History

The Music History Program is an online adventure into the people, places and pieces that make up the body of “Classical” music we play and love so much. Each presentation is approximately 40 minutes long and will include musical excerpts, fun facts (what was Beethoven’s favourite meal??) and audience participation. It is so important to know where the music we play comes from, when it was written and by whom. Knowing more about its place in Music History gives music energy and perspective.

Music History is presented by Michelle Coon, OSA Flute and Theory teacher and is targeted for ages 8-13.
Note: Music history is a component of RCM theory 5-8 as well as a corequisite for level 9 and up.

Five Presentation Topics

The Baroque Era– the When, Where and Who- Sunday Oct. 18th 
Lets  explore the Baroque Era (1600-1750) and meet some of the important composers of that time like Handel and Bach, Vivaldi and Purcell and find out what life was like for them and what was unique to that era. Fun fact – did you know that during this time most people wore wigs?  

A Short History of some well known Christmas carols!- Monday Dec. 20th
Have you ever wondered where the Christmas carols and songs we all know and love came from? There are some interesting stories behind some of the most beloved carols such as Silent Night and Hark the Herald Angels Sing! Lets explore them together!

The Classical Era- Sunday Feb. 13th
New ideas and musical genres abound! Explore what was new and exciting in the Classical Era  (1750-1825) through the music and life of Mozart, Haydn and Beethoven.

Clara and Robert Schumann-Sunday Apr. 10th
Two interesting and talented Romantic Era (1825-1900) composers who knew so many interesting and talented people! Their story is amazing, sometimes happy, sometimes sad but always interesting.

The Rise of the Virtuoso- Tuesday May 3rd
A virtuoso is a highly skilled and exceptionally brilliant performer. There were some very well known virtuosi especially during the 1800’s. Lets explore who they were and what they played!

There is a possiblilty of expanding this program to include more comprehensive talks:  for ages 14 to 94, a minimum of 60 minutes and will delve deeper into all the information. If you would be interested in this expanded program, please contact Michelle Coon at

All scheduled group classes and events are subject to change due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

October 1st, 2021 3:00 PM   through   June 12th, 2022 4:00 PM
Oakville, ON
Music History Fees
5 lectures: Oct, Dec, Feb, Apr, May $ 40.00