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2022-23 Music History

Music History

The Music History Program is an online adventure into the people, places and pieces that make up the body of “Classical” music we play and love so much. Each presentation is approximately 40 minutes long and will include musical excerpts, fun facts (what was Beethoven’s favourite meal??) and audience participation. It is so important to know where the music we play comes from, when it was written and by whom. Knowing more about its place in Music History gives music energy and perspective.

Music History is presented by Michelle Coon, OSA Flute and Theory teacher and is targeted for ages 8-13.
Note: Music history is a component of RCM theory 5-8 as well as a corequisite for level 9 and up.

Presentation Topics - TBD


September 15th, 2022 3:00 PM   through   4:00 PM
Oakville, ON
Music History Fees
Lecture dates TBD $ 0.00