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Kodaly & Theory

At the OSA, we believe that learning theory is an important part of music education. It not only helps our students to know more about the music they are playing, but also gives them a better understanding of music in general.

Our theory instruction ranges from Kodaly classes for our youngest musicians all the way to advanced RCM Theory.


Kodaly classes focus on pitch and rhythm, allowing young children to develop music literacy through songs, games and class participation. Children first learn to read and write music with stick notation and then on the staff.

Learn more about the Kodaly Approach to music education.
See a breakdown of class content in Kodaly Class Descriptions.

RCM Theory

At the OSA, we provide preparation for both types of exams offered by the Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM): i) practical, during which students play their instrument and ii) theory, which is a written exam.

While practical exams are prepared for during private lessons, RCM Theory exams are prepared for through our formal RCM Theory classes.

Through written exercises, group work, homework and practise exams, students are well prepared to take the RCM theory exam at the end of the year.

Theory Classes

  • Where enrolment allows, we offer RCM Levels 3-8 on Thursdays and/ or Saturdays at QEPCCC; these classes can be taken alone or in conjunction with violin group classes. Contact our registrar for further information.
  • For higher RCM theory and history levels, we offer referrals for private lessons