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Welcome to The Oakville Suzuki Association

The Oakville Suzuki Association embraces the philosophy that all children can develop musical ability, within a nurturing, enriching and socially positive environment.  We strive to provide a comprehensive musical training program consisting of private lessons, group lessons, and performance opportunities that promote the development of each individual student while providing musical gifts to our community.

2017-18 Membership and Group Class Registration

We are now accepting registrations for the 2017-18 Season!

For all returning, new, and potential members...
Please click on the Read more link below for instructions on registering with the OSA this season.

New OSA Logo

We've got a new look!

The OSA Board of Directors and Ops Team is pleased to introduce a new logo for the OSA. You'll see it start to make appearances in communication and online. 

We wanted to convey a clean, warm look for our organization. We think it's a step in the right direction and we hope you agree!


OSA Logo

*spoiler alert* Look for a new look and feel for the website soon, too.

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