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About Us

The Oakville Suzuki Association (OSA) is a non-profit organization, committed to providing first-class music instruction across seven instruments: violin, viola, cello, flute, piano, guitar and double bass.

The OSA is a community of parents and teachers, who work together to create positive music experiences, both through lessons and in performance opportunities.

The Suzuki Method relies on a number of principals that distinguish it from other music lessons:

  • parental involvement (taking notes in lessons, volunteering at events)
  • regular performance opportunities (students perform throughout the year, not just at year-end recitals)
  • repetition and learning to play by ear (children first learn by ear and later learn to read music)
  • group lessons (where possible, students take part in group lessons, in addition to private ones)

Learn more about the Suzuki Method of learning, Our Teachers or see the OSA FAQs.

Our Mission

The OSA embraces the philosophy that all children can develop music ability within a nurturing, positive environment. We provide comprehensive music education, including private lessons, group lessons, music theory and performance opportunities. 

We aim to connect with our local community and to be the leading organization for music education in Oakville and surrounding areas.