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About Us

Suzuki is about nurturing our children … not only to grow, but to grow beautifully.

The Oakville Suzuki Association (OSA) is a non-profit association of parents and teachers devoted to enriching the human spirit of young people through the gift of music.

As a local chapter of the worldwide Suzuki community, we are committed to providing first-class instruction and experiences, based on the Suzuki Method® of teaching developed by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki.

Dr. Suzuki believed that through this method, musical ability could be developed in all children. Music programs offered by the OSA include private instruction in Cello, Flute, Guitar, Piano, Violin, Viola as well as Early Childhood Music, Kodaly, and RCM Theory.

The Oakville Suzuki Association is a member of the Oakville Arts Council and CommUnity Arts Space.  CUAS is a volunteer organization dedicated to the development and construction of an arts centre to be used for the implementation of programs in music and art for local residents and those of our neighbouring communities.

The OSA is an integral part of the Oakville community, holding regular concerts and performing at local events in an effort to develop a love of music and celebrate in our students’ achievements and successes.

Check out our Announcements for a glimpse of where our students will be performing next – we hope to see you there! 


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