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Concerts & Festivals

At the OSA, concerts and festivals are a big part of our year. And they are a fun way for students to share what they have learned.

We believe that performances motivate students to master current songs and that the more they perform in public, the easier it is to do.

Among our many performances each year:

  • Welcome Concert / Play–In
  • Halloween Concerts (and games – come dressed in costume!)
  • Christmas Concert (all seven of our instruments have the chance to play together)
  • Chamber Music Festival (adjudicated performances)
  • Book Graduations
  • Junior and Senior Recitals
  • Instrument-Specific Recitals and Concerts

For specific dates, please see our Calendar.

Did you know?

For many events, recitals or graduations, we require registration, even when there is no cost involved. This allows us to book the proper space for each event. Details will be sent by email.