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Suzuki Method

The Suzuki Method of music instruction is based on the philosophies of Dr. Sinichi Suzuki, who applied the principles of language acquisition to music education.

With the notion that every child has the ability to learn and play music, the Suzuki Method suggests that children benefit from:

  • starting at a young age (as early as three)
  • listening to music every day (repetition builds important familiarity)
  • delaying music reading (in order to master the skills required to play in tune)
  • learning with other children (in group class and performance settings)
  • having parents involved (in lessons, home practises and volunteering at events)

The Suzuki Triangle highlights the fundamental relationship between students, parents and teachers.

Unlike teaching methods where parents are kept ‘outside the door’, Suzuki parents play a critical role in their child’s music experience, attending classes, practising with their children and working with teachers to create a positive, nurturing environment.

Support for Parents, Too!

OSA parents are part of a vibrant community, with shared interests and challenges. Our parents get to know each other during group classes, at events and performances and while volunteering. (No OSA parent is in this alone!)