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Mission, Vision and Values


The OSA develops well-rounded young people from an early age, through musical education in an inclusive community with active collaboration of parents, teachers, and students.


Creating transformative childhood experiences that expand their horizons.


Our values make up the core of the OSA and guide us in everything we do.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Music enriches lives and we strive to remove barriers to access. We believe every child deserves equal opportunities to learn music in all its different styles and cultural origins, regardless of their circumstances.


Overcome cultural and social barriers to create friendships that will last a lifetime. Connections within the OSA, and the larger community help students and parents broaden their relationships throughout their musical journey.

Positive Role Modeling

Teachers, parents, and mentors lead by example. We hold ourselves to a higher level of conduct to be positive role models for our students.


Students, parents, and teachers come together in a supportive and like-minded community to work towards the common outcome of developing well-rounded people through a universal love of music.

Personal Development of a Growth Mindset

We prioritize effort, resilience, and consistency over rushed results. We celebrate the everyday moments and demonstrate the power of sustained effort and incremental progression.

Strong Start

The Suzuki Method is proven to deliver exceptional results starting with young beginners. Small wins at an early age helps build confidence and has an exponential impact in all areas of the children’s lives as they grow.