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Oakville Suzuki Association Performing Arts Camp

Our Camp Programs...

...are for children ages 6 months to adult—for the beginner, the experienced musician, and for everyone in between!

Registration for the 2019 camp is now open!

  • July 8–12 (NOTE: violin, viola, and flute lessons are FULL in week 1. Limited room remains for lessons in other instruments: piano, cello, double bass, guitar, and drums)
  • July 15–19

How to Register:

Here is what you will be doing when you register your child/children on our website:

  1. Create a new account (if you haven’t already got one).
  2. Log in and set up a family profile (if you haven’t already done so). Having a record of the students in the program, their ages, instruments, and book levels, helps us to place them in the best programs for them.
  3. Select the STUDENT you are registering (being careful not to register yourself).
  4. Select the Camp Program you would like your child to attend. These are described below.
  5. Select your instrument (for younger children, you may choose “No Instrument” or “undecided”)
  6. Fill out the online registration form—you will be guided through it. Depending on the program, you may be asked to choose potential options for your child. NOTE: we do everything we can to meet all requests. However, sometimes scheduling does not always it. Please be open to other classes that are age appropriate for your child.
  7. Complete payment by credit card (using our secure system) or by cheque.

You can register using the button below:

Register for camp    

We’d love to see you for one week or two!

Location: École secondaire catholique Sainte-Trinité, 2600 Grand Oak Trail, Oakville, ON

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  • The Camp:

    Founded in 1980 by Jean Grieve, the Oakville Suzuki Association Performing Arts Camp has grown from 50 campers to more than 300 each summer. This dynamic day camp attracts students, teachers, and guest conductors from all over the world.

    A defining feature of our camp is daily private music instruction from one of our accomplished, professional teachers. We offer instruction in:

    Cello • Double Bass • Drums • Flute • Guitar • Piano • Violin • Viola • Voice

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    Our camp offers children of all skill levels, including beginners, an exciting experience with music, enhanced through optional classes such as drama, art, and dance. Held for two weeks in July, this fast paced camp exposes campers to many activities that will challenge them to grow musically and personally. Classes run from 9 am to 3 pm, with before and after camp care available from 8- 9 am, and/or 3-4 pm.

    The programs (detailed descriptions follow):

    • Early Childhood Music (6 months–3½ years; 45 minutes)
    • Junior Program (3½–6 years; 2.75 hours)
    • Intermediate Program (6–7 years; 3.25 hours)
    • Full Day Supervised (5–6 years; 8am–4pm)
    • Senior Program (7 years and older; 9am–3pm)
    • Student Leader opportunities (born in the calendar year of 2005 or before)

    Most programs feature private instruction in one or two choices of instrument. Complementing this private instrument instruction is a combination of classes in art, dance, drama, Kodaly, instrumental group, music theory, Orff, percussion, recorder, ukulele, steel pan, drumline and more. Our camp also offers students the chance to participate in one of two Orchestras (Junior or Senior), Chamber Ensembles and Choirs, as well as Music Theatre.

    Each child's schedule is individual, and is based on their instrument, level, and interests. All parents are welcome to attend and observe their child's classes.

  • The Programs:

    Program choice is primarily age based…

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    …though where there is overlap parents may choose the appropriate program based both on their child's age and ability to handle a half or full day of camp. A child's music education experience is not a factor in program selection. Campers in the Intermediate and Senior programs are able to select open class preferences.

    Please click on the program headings to expand/contract the information.

    • Early Childhood Music (Weeks old–3½ years; 1 hour)

      A one hour morning class, with a parent of caregiver present.

      This daily, 60 minute class for babies and toddlers (with a parent or caregiver present) is based on Suzuki's Early Childhood Education program. It is comprised of a well-paced series of traditional songs and rhymes which are a stimulus for movement, singing, and percussion playing, and which, in turn, ready the children for instrument instruction.

      Shinichi Suzuki believed in "Ability Development from Age 0" as one of his books is titled. Babes in arms are more than welcome in the class and can benefit from the music and movement in the class. The class has been designed to have a family-like age range, with young infants up to toddlers all together. Infants observe the older children and learn from them while the older children in the class learn to be sensitive to the younger children.

      For more information regarding Suzuki Early Childhood Education visit Suzukiece.

    • Junior Program (3½–6 years; 2.75 hours)

      A half day morning camp, with a parent of caregiver present.

      Schedule includes:

      • One daily 15 minute private music lesson (a revised schedule is possible for children who are not yet ready for private music instruction)
      • One daily group music lesson (if applicable; Kodaly may be substituted)
      • A selection of age appropriate classes (e.g. Music Detectives*, Theory games, Orff* group class, Dalcroze Eurythmics, Campfire Choir)

      *Musical and technical concepts taught using song, rhythm, movement, games, and percussion instruments.

    • Intermediate Program (6–7 years, 3.25 hours)

      An extended half day morning camp, with a parent or caregiver present.

      Schedule includes:

      • One daily 15 minute private music lesson
      • One daily group music lesson (or open class)
      • Choir
      • Recorder* (to build music reading skills)
      • Orff and/or Kodaly and/or Dalcroze Eurythmics
      • Open classes (1-2 may be accommodated)

      *Must have own recorder for all classes.

      Open classes include: art, drama, drumline, or ukulele.

    • Full Day (Supervised) Program (born 2014 or before; 8am–4pm)

      A full day program for campers 5-6 years old who attend all classes together as a group. Parents or caregivers are NOT required to be present. NOTE: we cannot accept children born after 2014 into this program.

      Schedule includes:

      • One daily 15 minute private music lesson
      • One daily group music lesson (for violin and cello students)
      • Introduction to group piano (for non-string players)
      • A selection of age-appropriate classes (e.g. Orff*, Music Detectives*, Kodaly, Crafts, Delacroze Eurythmics, Campfire Choir)
      • Programming until 1:30pm, followed by supervised play
      • Afternoon snack
      • NOTE: beginning in 2019 private music lessons are included in this program

      *Musical and technical concepts taught using song, rhythm, movement, games, and percussion instruments.

    • Senior Program (7 years and older; 9am–3pm)

      A full day camp, with parent or caregiver attendance optional. We encourage parental observation of the private lesson.

      Schedule includes:

      • One daily 15 minute private music lesson
      • One daily group music lesson (orchestra may be substituted for more advanced students)
      • Recorder* (to build music reading skills). Included by default for 7-10 year olds, an optional activity for 11 and up)
      • Choir
      • RCM Theory (optional activity--a limited number of spots are available)
      • Open classes (1- 6 may be accommodated)
      • Chamber music option** (book 3 and up)

      *Must have own recorder for all classes.

      **extra fee applies, and the day will be extended (either beginning at 8:30am or finishing at 3:30pm)

      Open classes may include (some restrictions apply): art, bell choir, dance, drama, drama improv, drum line, stomp, fiddle, intro to: double bass, guitar, keyboard, viola, or violin, jazz piano, musical theatre, Orff orchestra, outdoor play, ping pong, RCM theory, and ukulele. 

      Senior campers are also encouraged to add a second instrument (extra fee applies) if desired. They can choose from any of our instruments: Cello, Double Bass, Drums, Flute, Guitar, Piano, Violin, Viola, and Voice.

    • Student Leaders and Leaders in Training (born 2005 or before)

      This program is a great way for our older students to earn volunteer hours while learning leadership skills. Our student leaders will have an opportunity to assist teachers and younger campers as well as continuing to receive private instruction*, participate in ensembles and chamber groups, and participate in open classes such as musical theatre or video production. Applications are available on our online registration system. Candidates must be approved by the camp administrators. Unfortunately we cannot make any exceptions to the age restriction for Student Leaders and Leaders in Training.

      *extra fee applies

  • Questions:

    Some of our most frequently asked questions…

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    Please click on the questions below to show/hide the answer.

    • What will my child's camp day look like?

      Every Junior, Intermediate, and Senior camper's schedule is custom built–their primary chosen instrument and optional open classes create a schedule specific to them. Every day is the same except for Friday afternoon when we have a big concert in the cafeteria. Most classes are 30 or 45 minutes in length, and lunch time and a break are built in. If you'd like to see a sample schedule please email the OSA at .

      Camper schedule start and finish times may vary depending on his/her classes and options. Those requesting extended lessons and/or multiple instruments or who are participating in chamber ensembles may start earlier and/or end later.

    • We're just beginning. Which instrument should we choose?

      Camp is a wonderful place to try an instrument that you're considering for lessons, so choose the instrument that you enjoy the most. Many of our advanced students started playing at camp. For younger students in the Junior program who may not be quite ready to start an instrument, we can also design the program without the private lesson

    • How do I choose a private teacher?

      During registration you may request a specific teacher for private lessons if you wish, and the teachers are listed to enable you to do so. If, however, you are unfamiliar with the teachers, please do not hesitate to let us make the choice for you. Camp is a wonderful opportunity to take lessons from a different teacher, and many teachers encourage their students to do so.

    • Does my child need an extended lesson?

      A 15 minute daily private lesson is included in the basic camp fee for every camper in the Junior, Intermediate, and Senior programs. Extended lessons (to 30 minutes daily) are available for an additional fee for any student. Though not required, these extended lessons are recommended for students in Suzuki Book 4 or RCM Grade 4 and above.

    • Where do I get an instrument?

      Flute, violin, viola, cello and guitar: we do not provide these instruments at camp, and recommend renting one to those campers who don't have one or who are trying one out for the first time.

      Piano and double bass: these are available for use during lessons at camp.

      Recorder: recorders are available for purchase from The Sound Post's temporary onsite music store for a small fee.

      Instrument rentals should be arranged in advance of camp. For violin/viola/cello rentals we usually recommend that parents contact The Sound Post at (ph: 416-971-6990). For flute and guitar rentals we usually recommend that parents contact Long & McQuade ( ).

    • Will there be a place to purchase music or supplies onsite? Can I buy a recorder at camp?

      Yes! The Sound Post will have a temporary onsite music store. You can purchase music (books and CDs), supplies, finalize instrument rentals and pick up rented instruments. As well, they will have recorders and lots of other items for sale.

    • How do the open classes work?

      Intermediate and Senior campers will be given a list of available open classes to choose from. We put each camper into as many open class as possible around their private and group lessons. We try hard to put students in their preferred classes, and move to less preferred choices only when necessary.

      We fill the classes on a first come/first served basis, and some of the more popular classes do fill up—so please register early!

    • I have an infant/toddler. Can I bring them to class with my Junior (or Intermediate) camper?

      To maintain the integrity of the program, we ask that younger siblings are not brought into other classes, with the exception of very small, sleeping infants. We offer childcare for young siblings free of charge during the morning sessions, so that you can accompany your older child to their classes. We will work hard to keep them happy in the childcare area (though we won't hesitate to come and get you if necessary).

    • I'm doing Early Childhood Music with my baby. How can I be present for my Junior (or Intermediate) camper during the ECM class?

      While the parent or caregiver is in the ECM class we will have a one of our student leaders get the older camper to class. Once the ECM class is over, the younger child goes into childcare while the parent or caregiver accompanies the older child.

    • Can I get childcare before 9am or after 3pm?

      Yes! We offer before and after camp care onsite. Before camp care (AM Care) will be from 8am - 9am, and after camp care (PM Care) will be from 3pm -4pm. Register at the same time as registering for camp. Prices (per week) are as follows:

      • $20 for 8am-9am 5 days (one week)
      • $20 for 3-4pm 5 days (one week, snack included)
      • Drop-ins (arranged 1 day in advance) $5 per drop-in period (am or pm)

      Unfortunately, we cannot offer care outside the hours of 8am-4pm.

    • What is your policy if I have to can cancel our registration?

      Refund requests must be submitted in writing by email or letter.

      Requests submitted prior to 45 days to the start of the Camp will be subject to the following conditions

      • Fees for Camp Program, private lessons and Lunch Program will be refunded, minus an administrative fee of $50.

      Requests submitted within the 45 days to the start of the Camp will be subject to the following conditions

      • Fees for Camp Program and Lunch Program will be refunded, minus an adminstrative fee of $50. No refund will be made for the fee of any private lessons.
    • Will my child have an opportunity to play in an orchestra or in Chamber Ensembles?

      As musicians gain experience they will participate in one of the two Orchestras (Junior or Senior) instead of group class. Additionally, there are opportunities to rehearse and perform as part of a chamber ensemble (additional fees apply to chamber music).

    • When will the campers perform?

      Each week there are a number of opportunities for the campers to perform. We encourage you to come out as much as possible to enjoy these performances.

      • Lunch Time Performances: Impromptu performances by soloists, duets, and larger groups every day at lunch in the cafeteria (12:15-12:45pm)
      • Thursday Evening Fundraising Concert: Senior Orchestra, Advanced Chamber Groups, and special guests perform at Trafalgar Presbyterian Church
      • Dance, & Drama Performances: during class time on Thursday or Friday
      • Friday Final Concert: Beginners perform in class on Friday morning, and the more advanced students perform in the afternoon, culminating in the Junior and Senior Musical Theatre Performances

      Performance schedules will be available and posted at camp. The Program for the Thursday evening Fundraising Concert will be emailed out the day before.

    • I'd love to take lessons too! Are there opportunities for parents to participate?

      Yes! We can accommodate adults in both private lessons and orchestra. Please contact us at to indicate your interest.

    • I still have more questions

      Please send them to the registrar at:

  • 2019 Camp Fees:

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    2019 Fees OSA Member Fee* Non Member Fee
    Program Type One Week Both Weeks One Week Both Weeks
    ECM $75 $130 $85 $150
    Junior $240 $460 $250 $480
    Intermediate $285 $550 $295 $570
    Full Day Supervised $405 $790 $415 $810
    Senior $335 $650 $345 $670
    Leaders In Training $180 $340 $190 $360
    Student Leaders $165 $310 $175 $330
    Student Leaders (Piano & Guitar) $100 $180 $110 $200

    Program Enhancements are available for an extra fee:
    Program and Book/RCM level requirements may apply

    • Additional 15 minute daily (1.25 hours total) private instruction: $70/week
    • Secondary instrument 15 minute daily (1.25 hours total) private instruction: $70/week
    • Secondary instrument 30 minute daily (2.5 hours total) private instruction: $140/week
    • Parent lesson - 15 minute daily (1.25 hours total) private instruction: $70/week
    • Junior Chamber: $40/week
    • Advanced Chamber: $50/week

    *The $10.00/week OSA Member Discount will appear in the shopping cart

    Early Bird discount:

    A $10 discount will be to applied to all registrations received on or before April 15th, 2019--EXTENDED TO 24 APRIL!

    Financial Aid:

    Families of more than two children in the same household will receive a 50% reduction in the base price of camp for the third (lowest price) and subsequent child. As well, a limited amount of bursary funding is available. Please download the Summer Camp Bursary Form and send it to the OSA (via email or regular mail). PLEASE NOTE: Summer Camp Bursaries are separate from the regular OSA Scholarship and Bursary Program. The deadline for application is June 30, 2019.

    Refund policy for cancellation of registration:

    Refund requests must be submitted in writing by email or letter.

    Requests submitted prior to 45 days to the start of the Camp will be subject to the following conditions

    • Fees for Camp Program, private lessons, chamber groups and Lunch Program will be refunded, minus an administrative fee of $50.

    Requests submitted within the 45 days to the start of the Camp will be subject to the following conditions

    • Fees for Camp Program and Lunch Program will be refunded, minus an adminstrative fee of $50. No refund will be made for the fee of any private lessons and chamber groups.

    OSA Mailing Address:

    Oakville Suzuki Association
    P.O. Box 69599
    109 Thomas St.
    Oakville, ON
    L6J 3A7

    Please contact us by email at: if you have any questions about fees.