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2023-24 Kodaly - Theory

Kodaly Classes

Kodaly Classes are for developing musical literacy:

The Kodály approach to music education provides developing musicians experience and training in developing music literacy by singing and oral participation. Through a variety of singing games, carefully selected songs, and the use of visual aids and manipulatives, students gradually acquire a more refined sense of pitch and rhythmic vocabulary.

Initially the OSA's Kodaly classes are 30 minutes each per week for Kodaly prep and Level 1, and are extended to 45 minutes each per week for Level 2 and 3. 

Recommended Kodaly levels are broken down by age and experience as follows:  Kodaly Prep (agest 4-5, those just starting out), Kodaly 1 (ages 5-7, or completed Kodaly Prep), Kodaly 2 (ages 7+, or completed Kodaly 1), Kodaly 3 (ages 8+, or completed Kodaly 2).

RCM Theory Classes:

The OSA runs group RCM theory classes in the levels shown below (subject to enrollment). A maximum of 4 students per class will be enrolled at the specified time/fee.

Group Theory (45 min)

Royal Conservatory of Music Level 3, 4, or 5 taught in a group setting (these levels have recently changed, Level 5 is the former Basic Rudiments). NOTE: students in Level 5 may be ready to take the exam in May, but it is not necessary.

Royal Conservatory of Music Level 6, 7 (formerly Intermediate Rudiments ) and 8 (formerly Advanced Rudiments) taught in a group setting. Students in this class will have the possibility of writing the exam in May.

The RCM Theory levels correspond with the RCM Practical instrument levels rather than with Suzuki book levels.  Please ask your private teacher or email for recommendations on which theory level is most suitable for you.

The yearly calendar and the weekly schedule (subject to change based on enrollment) will be available for download.

April 25th, 2024 5:00 PM   through   8:00 PM
Queen Elizabeth Park Community and Cultural Centre
2302 Bridge Road
Oakville, ON L6L 3L5

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Class Fee
Kodaly Prep (30 min.) $ 210.00
Kodaly Level 1 (30 min.) $ 210.00
Kodaly Level 2 (45 min.) $ 310.00
Kodaly Level 3 (45 min.) $ 310.00
RCM Theory Levels 3/4 (45 min.) $ 420.00
RCM Theory Levels 5/6 (45 min.) $ 420.00
RCM Theory Levels 7/8 (45 min.) $ 420.00