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Private Instruction

Private instruction is the core of the OSA musical program. Weekly lessons are offered  by qualified Suzuki trained teachers in a variety of instruments, including cello , flute , guitar , piano , violin and viola .

Through the Suzuki Method, children progress at their own pace through graduated music books that feature more challenging and advanced skills. Recordings of each book are available in our music library and The Sound Post , and regular listening to these recordings is a required part of the learning experience.

It can be challenging to juggle a sensible schedule for your child that includes school work, play, family time and music practice. Similarly, at your child’s lesson, their teacher must weigh your child’s focus on that particular day to determine how much can be absorbed, and how much to assign for the week. It is for this reason that teachers usually prefer parents to observe lessons quietly, but with interested attention.

The focus of a typical Suzuki lesson is not entirely directed toward the child as in most traditional method of teaching.  During a lesson, there is as much instruction directed to parent on how to help the child learn a skill as to teach the child to learn the skill itself.  This interaction between the Teacher, the Parent and the Child is often referred as the Suzuki Triangle.

Each member of the Triangle has responsibilities.  The teacher's responsibility is to motivate, provide clear instruction to learn a skill and provide guidance to the parent on how to help the child achieve their goal.  The parent's responsibility is to follow the teacher's instruction through careful note taking and provide an optimum learning environment at home.  The responsibility of the child is to be a child.  The child will learn from whatever is put in his environment and will progress if given the opportunity and the proper surrounding.

Contact the Administrator for information on our teachers.

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